Friday, February 24, 2017

Amazon Echo Dot - 2nd Generation

You all know the Amazon Echo right? the voice-controlled smart speaker from Amazon, which connects to Amazon's Alexa service (the artificial intelligence personal assistant service). It has so many cool features. But, the price tag does make people reluctant to try it out. That's where Echo Dot comes in. It's less than one third of the price of the Echo. But don't let the lower price fool you - the Echo Dot has all the functionality of the Echo.

My Echo Dot just unpacked
My Echo Dot, just unpacked
Echo Dot is now in its 2nd Generation (released on October, 2016). It's speaker is not as powerful as the one in the Echo, but still capable of covering a small room. If that sound is not enough, there's a 3.5mm Audio Jack in the Dot to connect it to an external audio system. Or, you can also connect it to a Bluetooth speaker.

The Echo Dot has 7 microphones built-in, and uses the "far-field voice recognition" technology to recognize commands even in a noisy environment. What if you have more than one Echo Dot within the range of your voice? The new Echo Spatial Perception (ESP for short) will make sure that the Dot that's closest to you will only respond.

Get your Echo Dot from here at

I'll do a more hands-on review of my Echo Dot next.

Check out the Original Amazon Echo here.

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