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Measure Temperature of your Raspberry Pi 4

Compared to the previous generations of Pis, the Raspberry Pi 4 runs pretty hot. Based on the case you are using and the applications you are running on your Pi, it is not uncommon to see the Pi temperatures reaching 60+ C° (140F°). The Raspberry Pi 4 will automatically thermal throttle if its temperature goes beyond 80C° (176F°), meaning that you will get less performance out of it.

So, it is always better to keep a track of how hot your PI is running.

You can get the current temperature of your Pi by running the following command:

vcgencmd measure_temp

This will print the current temperature as following:

Raspberry Pi 4 Measure Temp
Raspberry Pi 4 Measure Temp

The temperature will be reported in Centigrade units (C°).

You can now simply create a script to periodically check your Pi's temp using this command.

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