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Show Absolute Path of a Shared Folder in OpenMediaVault

By default, OpenMediaVault does not display the absolute path of a shared folder in the UI. You usually have to go to the terminal (or connect via SSH) to get the absolute path.

Default Shared Folder View of OpenMediaVault
Default Shared Folder View of OpenMediaVault

Finding the absolute path of a shared folder becomes useful when you work with some advanced features of OpenMediaVault, such as installing dockers. 

You can enable the absolute path display in the UI by going to the dropdown menu that comes when you hover your mouse over a column, and selecting the columns to view, as shown below:

Selecting Columns to Display
Selecting Columns to Display

This will add a 'Absolute Path' column to the UI.

OpenMediaVault Showing Absolute Paths
OpenMediaVault Showing Absolute Paths

Having the absolute path displaying would be highly useful when you are working with Docker in OMV.

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