Saturday, February 25, 2017

TV-B-Gone v1.2 Kit - Shut-off any TV

The TV-B-Gone Kit is an awesome little gadget. Whit it, you can turn off any TV! Yep, any TV.
The latest is the v1.2 of the kit, which has been updated with the shutdown codes of 230 different TV manufacturers and models, that practically covers every type of TV we come across.

TV-B-Gone v1.2

TV-B-Gone v1.2
The TV-B-Gone v1.2, handheld device to shut-off any TV
The device is pretty simple: it fits in one hand, and just one button to press. Once you press, it cycles through the list of shutdown codes for TVs, starting from more common ones. It takes about a minute to cycle through all the codes. So, just press the button once, release, and keep holding it in the direction of the TV until it shuts off. For most TVs I tested, it only took couple of seconds to shut off.

It runs on just 2 AA batteries
It runs on just 2 AA batteries

The kit has 4 IR LEDs - 2 narrow beam long-range ones, and 2 wide beam ones. With 2 full batteries, it has a range of about 40 meters. It only needs 2 AA batteries.

You can even turn on a TV with it!
Click once to turn off, and once again to turn back on.
Check out the following video to see the TV-B-Gone in action,

You can get your TV-B-Gone v1.2 Kit from here at Amazon.


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