Monday, March 27, 2017

Lexar Professional 2000x 300MB/s SD Cards

If you are a serious photographer, you'll probably know the importance of good memory cards for your camera. Whether your camera is a DSLR, Mirror-less, or a Point-and-shoot, your images gets stored in the memory card, and if the card's not up to the standard, you're going to miss a lot. A non-capable memory card may mean a missed once-in-a-lifetime shot.

When it comes to High-end SD cards for digital cameras, Lexar is considered one of the top. Although expensive, they have good build quality giving durability, and more importantly, unparalleled higher speed. The Lexar Professional 2000x is one of the fastest SD cards in the market currently, giving a 300MB/s speed.

The Lexar Professional 2000X
The Lexar Professional 2000X
The package includes a high-speed SD UHS-II reader which give the full speed of the card, which is a nice touch  since it's quite hard to find quality USB 3 compatible card readers.

I've been using Lexar SD cards with my DSLR camera for years (although, I've been using the Lexar 1000x 150MB/s cards mostly). And I can say that the speed they give is  unparalleled. They really shine at Wildlife and Sport photography, where speed is a must. I do a lot of wildlife photography, specially bird photography. And I have practically experienced that a slight delay where your camera is trying to write an image to the card could mean missing of a once-in-a-lifetime shot. I assume it would be the same with sports photography as well. Having a high speed Lexar card avoided a lot of otherwise missed opportunities.

Apart from the speed, the other thing Lexar cards has given me is reliability. I have worked with them on sub-freezing temperatures - at -20C during a snowstorm at Boston, MA - to high-humid and scorching hot environments - northwest Sri Lanka during the sunniest of the year. And in all of those environments, the cards worked perfectly, they delivered the speed, and preserved the shots I captured.

Yes, Lexar cards are expensive. But I think they are worth the investment.
Once you capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot, then you will feel that the investment is worth it.

Get your Lexar Professional 2000x 32GB SDHC here at Amazon.

Remember, these are the highest speed SD cards in the market right now.

Monday, March 20, 2017

ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker

I actually found this through a recommendation fro Amazon. The ELEGIANT is a cube shaped Bluetooth Speaker that is about the size of your palm. It's portable with it's size and looks awesome.

The ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker (Image from
The ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker (Image from
It works on Bluetooth 4.0, and has a range of about 10 Meters. It's compatible with almost anything: PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids and so on. It gives 8 hours of playback from a single charge. It has a 3.5mm input jack if you want to plug-in an audio source. It also has a memory card slot, through which you can play mp3, making it a portable music player on it's own.

But the best thing is its look. It's perfectly cube shaped, with color changing LED lights on its sides, with tap buttons on the top discreetly placed into its design. I think it looks awesome.

It has a built-in microphone as well. So, you can use it as a speakerphone with your mobile or PC as well.

Oh, and it has a FM Radio built-in as well.

You can get your ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker here at Amazon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jabra Speak 510 - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Do you take a lot of conference calls?

Then, you know the pain of trying to get the audio working almost every time. 99% of conference calls start with one party asking another whether they can hear them. Half the time there's no sound, and the other half the microphones don't work.
If you're alone you might be able to use a headset. But what if there's a group?

Isn't there an easy way to get audio to work on a conf. call?

That's where the Jabra Speak 510 comes in.

It's a portable speaker and a microphone bundled together into a compact design.

The Jabra Speak 510
The Jabra Speak 510
It's 360 degrees microphone and the superb speaker can effectively cover a medium sized meeting room. The sound is crystal clear, and the microphone can pick up the sound of a person speaking from across the room.

It works with your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. You can connect to it using the built-in USB cable, via Bluetooth, or (if all else fails) via the 3.5mm audio jack. I've never has any connectivity issues with it (so, I've never used the 3.5mm jack on mine).

It's simply plug-and-play. I've tested it on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu and Mint), and Mac OS for USB, and both Android and iPhone for Bluetooth, and it worked every time. It simply show up as a new audio device, you just need to select it.

Settings for Jabra Speak 510 can't be simpler
Settings for Jabra Speak 510 can't be simpler

I've tested it with Google Hangouts, Skype, and Polycom for conference calls, and it simply works.

It charges from the same built-in USB cable. It gives about 15 hours of talk time from one charge. And, you can use it while it's charging also.
It comes with a nice carrying case to take it with you anywhere.

Simply put, it's a life-saver for conf. calls.

Get your Jabra Speak 510 here at Amazon.

Oh, and it's not just for conference calls. It's pretty good for music playback also.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Limited Time offer for Kindle Devices at Amazon

Update 14/Mar/17: The offer has ended now.

For all the book lovers out there, Amazon is having a limited time offer for Kindle e-readers. The deal is for the Standard Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, and the Kindle Voyage. With the offer, Amazon is giving away each of them at $20 off their regular price.

The Kindle Paperwhite
The Kindle Paperwhite

Is there a catch in this deal? Well, the devices with the offer has 'Special offers'. What it means is that the devices will display promotional material (advertisements, offers) in it's lockscreen, and at the bottom of the home screen. These advertisements would not have any impact to your reading (as while reading, no advertisements will be displayed).  So, the deal seems quite good.

I haven't got a Kindle device with special offers, so can't comment with personal experience on how the advertisements looks like actually. But I will post a photo on how they look like as soon as I get one.

As for the devices, my favorite would be the Kindle Paperwhite. Out of the 3 devices, for me, it offers the best balance between the price and features. Unlike the Standard Kindle, it has a backlight - 4 LEDs that can help you read in both a dark setting, and a setting with too much light such as outdoors in sunlight. It also has better resolution - 300 ppi vs. 167 ppi. The Kindle Voyage has better lighting, and with an adaptive lighting sensor that adjusts the screen brightness to the surrounding light. The Voyage also has 2 touch buttons on the edges to turn the pages.

The offer might not last long, so get your Kindle devices soon. Check the following links.

Get then soon while the offer stands!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Case for the Official 7" Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

Turn your Raspberry Pi in to a 7" tablet with this case, and the Official 7" Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi which I posted about earlier.

The case for the official touchscreen
The case for the official touchscreen

The case is designed to fit both the official 7" screen and your Raspberry Pi perfectly, allowing you to make it portable, OR to mount it on a wall. It still give access to all the ports of the Pi - USB, Ethernet, HDMI etc. - while hiding all the unnecessary bits. (It does cut you off from the GPIO pins, but then again you'll be using the GPIO pins to connect the touchscreen, so not much of an issue there). There's even a slot so that you can connect the Pi Camera board.

And yes, it works with Raspberry Pi 3.

Get your Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Case here at Amazon.

Official Touchscreen Display for Raspberry Pi

If you are a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, and are looking for ways to make your Pi more portable, without the need to plug in to a display, keyboard, and a mouse repeatedly, then this is the perfect Pi Add-on for you.

The Official 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display

It's the Official 7" Touchscreen Display for Raspberry Pi.

It comes with the 7" Touchscreen (with dimensions: 194mm x 110mm x 20mm including the standoffs), a Display Adapter Board - which connects the Raspberry Pi to the screen through the DSI port while powering the screen through the GPIO pins, and the required cables (DSI ribbon, GPIO wires) and the standoffs and screws. Basically everything you need.

The screen has a resolution of 800x400, and is capable of handling up to 10 finger touch. Quite impressive!

It's compatible with all Raspberry Pi models. But the mounting holes in the adapter board might only fit newer models: from A+, B+, up to Raspberry Pi 3.

Get your Official 7" Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display here at Amazon.

Check here for more official Raspberry Pi products at Amazon.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Amazon has a deal for Music Unlimited when using Echo

If you remember, I posted about the Amazon Echo Dot about a week back. One of the most common things that the Echo or the Echo Dot would be used in a home would be for music playback. So, it's good to have a Music Plan added to your Echo or Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot
The Echo Dot

Amazon has it's own music subscription service - Amazon Music Unlimited - which you can add to your Echo device. With Music Unlimited, you can get unlimited amount of music - as the name suggests - for a fixed monthly fee.

They now have an Amazon Echo Plan for Music Unlimited, which is half the price of the regular subscription. You just need to say "Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited" to your Echo to activate it. It will be on free trial for 30 days, so you can try it out before actually buying it.

Just keep in mind that the Echo Plan is only available for the Echo device you activate it on.

Get your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot at