Friday, March 3, 2017

Amazon has a deal for Music Unlimited when using Echo

If you remember, I posted about the Amazon Echo Dot about a week back. One of the most common things that the Echo or the Echo Dot would be used in a home would be for music playback. So, it's good to have a Music Plan added to your Echo or Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot
The Echo Dot

Amazon has it's own music subscription service - Amazon Music Unlimited - which you can add to your Echo device. With Music Unlimited, you can get unlimited amount of music - as the name suggests - for a fixed monthly fee.

They now have an Amazon Echo Plan for Music Unlimited, which is half the price of the regular subscription. You just need to say "Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited" to your Echo to activate it. It will be on free trial for 30 days, so you can try it out before actually buying it.

Just keep in mind that the Echo Plan is only available for the Echo device you activate it on.

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