Friday, April 28, 2017

The New Echo Look - The Smart Camera

Amazon's been putting a lot of emphasis on it's Echo device range, the Alexa AI enabled smart devices. Now, with already 3 Echo products - The Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap - Amazon now introduces the Echo Look - an Alexa enabled Smart Camera.

The Echo Look
The Echo Look
It works like a hands free selfie camera. Being Alexa enabled, you can activate it by saying "Alexa, take a picture", or "Alexa, take a video". It takes full-length photos and videos - tall, not wide. It's meant to be used as a fashion and style assistant. With the companion app that comes with it you can view a 360-degree view of your outfit in real time.

With the companion app, you can keep a 'personal lookbook' of your outfits, and it has the option to enhance your outfits in the photos with computer vision techniques.

But the most exciting feature of it would be the "Style Check". Basically, you take two photos of you with two different outfits, and the Echo Look will use advanced machine learning algorithms to say which one works best for you, based on how it fits, the colors, the styling, and the current trends.

The Echo Look is currently available by invitation only.
You can check it out at the Alexa Products Page at Amazon.

When Will Nexus and Pixel Phones Loose Support

Google has revealed when the current Nexus and Pixel phones (and tablets) will loose support. That is, when will Google send out the last security patches for those phones.

The Google Pixel -

Current Supported Nexus Devices

DeviceLast guaranteed
Android Update
Last guaranteed
Security Patch
Nexus 6October 2016October 2017
Nexus 9October 2016October 2017
Nexus 5XSeptember 2017September 2018
Nexus 6PSeptember 2017September 2018

Current Supported Pixel Devices

DeviceLast guaranteed
Android Update
Last guaranteed
Security Patch
PixelOctober 2018October 2019
Pixel XLOctober 2018October 2019

Also, for reference, these were the end-of-support dates of already unsupported devices,

DeviceLast guaranteed
Android Update
Last guaranteed
Security Patch
Nexus 7 (2012)June 2014June 2015
Nexus 10November 2014November 2015
Nexus 4November 2014November 2015
Nexus 7 (2013)July 2015August 2016
Nexus 5October 2015October 2016


Monday, April 24, 2017

Make Your Echo Dot Portable

Do you own an Amazon Echo Dot? And are you disappointed that it's not portable enough?
The Echo Dot is the perfect size to be portable, but having to plug it in always makes it a bit of a hassle to take it with you.

Sure, Amazon already has a portable Alexa-enabled device - the Echo Tap. But with a price more than twice that of the Echo Dot, maybe you're looking for a more economical solution.

Wouldn't it be cool if there is sort of a power-bank adapter that turns your Echo Dot portable?

Well, good news! Because that's exactly what the Fremo Evo is.

The Fremo Evo

Fremo Evo is an intelligent Battery Base for the Echo Dot - specifically, the 2nd Generation Echo Dot.

The Evo is designed so that the Echo Dot magnetically latches on to it, and has a connector that powers the Dot from the 5200mAh battery of the Evo.

The Evo Power Connector

The Evo can power the Echo Dot for 6 hours from a full charge. And the Evo itself can be charged by plugging in the same cable and power adapter that came with the Echo Dot. The charging circuit is intelligent enough so that you can keep the Dot connected to the Evo plugged in to the power adapter, and only disconnect the power adapter when you're taking the Dot with you. It also has a 4 light charge indicator to show how much charge it has left.

Get your Fermo Evo here at Amazon, and make your Echo Dot portable!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Limited Time Deal When Buying 3 Echo Dots

Amazon Echo Dot is awesome. It's small, inexpensive compared to other smart devices, and packs all the features found in many other smart devices. It's the cheapest among the 3 Echo devices - the original Echo, the Echo Dot, and the Echo Tap. And it's more awesome when you have several Echo Dots setup around our house. Amazon knows this too. That's why they now give a discount when you buy 3 Echo Dots.

The Echo Dot - 2nd Generation
The Echo Dot - 2nd Generation
In order to get the discount you need to buy 3 Echo Dots, and you need to use the promo code DOT3PACK during the checkout.

Remember, go to the Echo Dot product page, and set the Qty to 3 before you click Add to Cart. And then, at the checkout, use the promo code DOT3PACK. The discount will be evenly spread across all 3 Echo Dots. It should be made as a single order, and don't use 1-Click ordering. And one customer is limited to one 3-packs of Echo Dots with the offer.

You can check the full details of this offer at the Terms and Conditions page.

The offer is only available until 25th April 2017, so you should hurry up if you  want to buy.