Monday, April 24, 2017

Make Your Echo Dot Portable

Do you own an Amazon Echo Dot? And are you disappointed that it's not portable enough?
The Echo Dot is the perfect size to be portable, but having to plug it in always makes it a bit of a hassle to take it with you.

Sure, Amazon already has a portable Alexa-enabled device - the Echo Tap. But with a price more than twice that of the Echo Dot, maybe you're looking for a more economical solution.

Wouldn't it be cool if there is sort of a power-bank adapter that turns your Echo Dot portable?

Well, good news! Because that's exactly what the Fremo Evo is.

The Fremo Evo

Fremo Evo is an intelligent Battery Base for the Echo Dot - specifically, the 2nd Generation Echo Dot.

The Evo is designed so that the Echo Dot magnetically latches on to it, and has a connector that powers the Dot from the 5200mAh battery of the Evo.

The Evo Power Connector

The Evo can power the Echo Dot for 6 hours from a full charge. And the Evo itself can be charged by plugging in the same cable and power adapter that came with the Echo Dot. The charging circuit is intelligent enough so that you can keep the Dot connected to the Evo plugged in to the power adapter, and only disconnect the power adapter when you're taking the Dot with you. It also has a 4 light charge indicator to show how much charge it has left.

Get your Fermo Evo here at Amazon, and make your Echo Dot portable!

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