Friday, April 28, 2017

The New Echo Look - The Smart Camera

Amazon's been putting a lot of emphasis on it's Echo device range, the Alexa AI enabled smart devices. Now, with already 3 Echo products - The Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap - Amazon now introduces the Echo Look - an Alexa enabled Smart Camera.

The Echo Look
The Echo Look
It works like a hands free selfie camera. Being Alexa enabled, you can activate it by saying "Alexa, take a picture", or "Alexa, take a video". It takes full-length photos and videos - tall, not wide. It's meant to be used as a fashion and style assistant. With the companion app that comes with it you can view a 360-degree view of your outfit in real time.

With the companion app, you can keep a 'personal lookbook' of your outfits, and it has the option to enhance your outfits in the photos with computer vision techniques.

But the most exciting feature of it would be the "Style Check". Basically, you take two photos of you with two different outfits, and the Echo Look will use advanced machine learning algorithms to say which one works best for you, based on how it fits, the colors, the styling, and the current trends.

The Echo Look is currently available by invitation only.
You can check it out at the Alexa Products Page at Amazon.


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